Portal 2 Review

Portal 2 Review

Portal 2 main logoPortal took the gaming world by storm when it was released on the Orange Box back in 2007. Instantly creating internet memes like hopes of false cake and love. Now we’re back for the second release in the world of Portal. Last night I spent about four hours falling back in love with the game style, artistic direction and amazing jokes. This time there was much less of a learning curve than playing through the first game. I felt like puzzles came to me easier and the game moved quickly but keep in mind I’m only a few hours into the game. Unlike Portal this is a full blown release so I’m expecting much greater things to come. Most of the beginning levels are made in mind so people picking up the game for the first time can learn how to play.

After this post I plan on diving deeper into the game to see how it evolves and what the developers have added in this release. On thing they included is a Co-Op campaign where you and a friend have to work together to solve the puzzles and reach the goal. I highly recommend picking this game up. It is available on PC, Xbox 360, and PS3.

Take a look at the teaser trailer from Valve below.


GLaDOS is sure to be in for another Ass Kicking.

Update: Last night a Friend and I started playing through the Co-Op piece of the game and its an amazing addition. It gives an entirely new feeling to working through the levels and a sense of accomplishment. It felt like Portal all over again where you didn’t really understand how a level could be beat.

I could imagine it being very frustrating playing online with another random person but sitting next to a friend and working through the levels is something else.

Again, I highly recommend this game.

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