Another Update

Another Update

Hey Everyone,

Its been a while since my last post and a bunch of stuff has happened recently. I started my Senior year in college, went to Factory MOD, Halo Reach came out, we lost power for a few days, and most recently one of my friends had his 21st birthday. Happy birthday Mike!

Since school started things have been really busy. I was hoping to do more with this with site but blogging is harder then it seems. Hopefully once I get back into better school habits I’ll be able to have a little more time for things like this.

Mitsubishi Owners Day at the factory in Normal, IL was great. My brother and I drove down from Michigan the day before and sleep overnight in the parking lot. A bunch of people showed up and we got to see some great cars. They opened the hood of the Ralliart Eclipse they unveiled last year, long story short, it looks awesome! The local fire department gave us a demonstration on how they open up a car after an accident. We even got to take a tour of the factory but sadly no pictures were allowed. At the Normal factory they produce the Galant, Spyder, Eclipse, and Outlander. Since it was Saturday nothing was going on but most of the steps were able to be seen from above.

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